Saturday, September 5, 2009

i wrote a poem!

"Poem of the poems"

This poem is for readers to read
This poem is for the hearts that bleed
This poem is for the blind to see
This poem is for you and me

This poem gives wealth to the poor
This poem gives self esteem to the insecure
This poem gives cure to the sick
This poem gives strength to the weak

This poem cannot be out of reach, for this poem is for teachers to teach
This poem cannot be out of reach, for this poem is for the preachers to preach
Oh Lord, the words run out and can no longer sink
This poem will end in a blink

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cheaters are bothers of thieves. so?

So many things happened this day. Was caught cheating – no regrets, for that have minus 15 in our scores. We were three by the way our answers was alike. I won’t deny it but I wont admit that I cheated but not all, I think the way we cheated was on a cyclic pattern so we ended up having the same answers haha..Like I said no regrets. I accepted the punishment whole heartedly. Was I courageous? Who cares, anyways, Lesson learned though- try not to copy everything you’ll get caught lol.
My sort of boyfriend got tired and decided to break things up with me. As if I care. He probably thought I’ll chase after him. Nah. Too many men out there I don’t have much time. So goodbye! He’s not worth it and for the record I’m not bitter, I’m actually happy no burdens any more
Of all the things that happened to me today, I really got pissed when my group leader told me I didn’t submitted my project, I thought she’ll be impressed that I was an early bird, passed it Saturday, deadline was Sunday but instead I didn’t got any credit for my hard work, it was really hard typing those sh*t grr..
Oh well tomorrows another day! Peace out!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson R.IP.

I received a text message friday morning saying mj is dead well I thought it's a prank because prank text is very common. i search over the net to check if it's true. and right there at yahoo front and center it is. he died because of cardiac arrest in his house in L.A.
the fact that he died still didn't sync in even up to now. I was still young when his music was playing everywhere a 3 or 4 year old won't appreciate. I remember dancing along one of his videos when I was young, I saw him on tv and liked his songs I would sing along with wrong lyrics.
he's gone too soon. but his music will live forever.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

gemma ward in her famous black sweater

here's a recent picture of Gemma spotted at Penn Station with her brother.


to all fashion watchers out there. we all know that Gemma Ward gained weight drastically. I found pictures of her and notice she likes to wear a black sweater maybe to hide her built. black makes you thinner. i wear a lot of black jeans and tights because of my thick legs. how i wish she's fit to work next season. well she's still pretty maybe she can be a plus size model.what do you think?
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Edie Sedgwick the factory girl

I don’t know but I think it was last year when I saw the movie ‘Factory Girl’. It’s about the tragic life of Edie Sedgwick played by Sienna Miller, Andy Warhol’s muse for some of his art creations. I saw the movie twice, I never heard of the film but Andy Warhol’s name rings a bell so I thought it’ll be interesting and maybe I’ll just watch it for a couple of minutes then later on I realized I finished the whole movie. It was so tragic, I felt really heavy half of the movie, she was a drug addict, she’s an heiress so that means she has a lot of inheritance but manage to spend all of it in just six months. Had a love affair and was heart broken. Even came to the point where her family disowns her making her broke and died at the age of 28 because of drug overdose.
After seeing the movie, I learned a lot of life lessons from Edie. That drugs will get you nowhere, be wise and emotionally strong. I wish someone helped her. I hated her family for ignoring her when she needed financial help, well it’s Edie’s fault too but I wish somehow they were a little bit considerate.
I also became curious who Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol were I googled them. I can never forget that the next day I was able to use them on my recitation for Literature.
Edie was such a fashion inspiration to all the fashionistas and goddess to the male sex because she was very beautiful. I personally like her. If given a chance to live her life I would but I would make it better life to live in like abstain from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and be wiser. I think I will not die and devastate my life at 28. She was such a waste.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back to change.

Doesn't matter how random, just type it! Re-post it for all of your BORED friends. (Hahaha yes, that's me :P) and me too.. :)

1. Beer: Redhorse

2. Food: carbohydrates

3. Relationships: complicated

4. Your CRUSH: Jose...

5. Power Rangers: Pink ranger!

6. Life: is wonderful, full of surprises

7. The President: responsibilities

8. Yummy: pistachio ice cream

9. Cars: red ferarri, black porsche

10. Movie: transformers 2- looking forward for it

11. Halloween: cemetery,candles

12. Sex: female haha

13. Religion: Jesus Christ

14. Hate: anger, anxiousness

15. Fear: dying not contented

16. Marriage: is a sacred thing, should be done once

17. Blondes: Paris and Nicole, doll face supermodel

18. Slippers: beach

19. Shoes: leather

20. Asians: beautiful people

21. Pass time: sleep

22. One night stand: for fun

23. My cell phone: i think it's broken

24. Smoke: malboro lights

26. College:crazy, fun, 2nd phase of life

27. High school Life: the best time of my life,

28. Pajamas: i rarely wear one

29. Stars: superstar, bold star, rock star hahaha

30. Fitness Center: sweat, stamina

31. Alcohol: disinfectant

32. The word love: love is god

33. Friends: treasure in life

34. Money: is just a thing, should not be worshiped

35. Heartache: is hard to mend

36. Time: don't have a lot

37. Divorce: heartbreaking

38. Dogs: loyal, loving, Neri

39. Undies: comfy

40. Parents: sacrifice

41. Babies: super cute, innocence

42. Ex: files haha

43. Song: inspiring

44. Color: colorless

45. Weddings: white, glorious

46. Pizza: comfort food

47. Hangout: apart, house

48. Resto: anywhere, Bro's

49. Goal: to conquer the world, be someone someday, be able to google myself haha

50. Inspiration: parents, my aunt che, Gemma Ward, Natalie Portman

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gemma Ward and Amanda Seyfriend seperated at birth

oohh I think Gemma and Amanda has strong resemblance I can't help but think of Gemma when I was watching MAMMA MIA! they both have blond hair, wide eyes, ethereal features, Gemma is way taller though, almost the same age and both really talented. one more thing that I find them in common is that I both look up to them. =p

I also think these two guys were seperated at birth! Ryo Nishikido and Victor Basa, both actors, one is from Japan, and the other is from Philippines

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gucci fall winter 09 collection

I can't believe I'm eying clothes in Gucci, as if I can afford them. haha. there's nothing wrong with that right? Gucci and Versace's clothes are so feminine, sexy, chic and sophisticated. and this season is my most favorite. I'm only 19 but I can see or imagine myself wearing these types of clothes when I'm already mid or late 20's.

these clothes are from fall winter 09 Gucci Collection check out for more awesomely chic, sophisticated and beautiful clothes. one fashion person said that these are the type of clothing you can wear when clubbin' I kinda agree. I would love to see my self on them. looking forward for more Gucci fashion shows

Friday, June 5, 2009

adam lambert out with his boyfriend

after months of speculation it is official hommies Adam Lambert is gay! and so what.. well at first I thought his really cute but I kinda hated him because A.I. judges loves him because he just blows them away with his fantastic performances. The thought that he might actually be homosexual never crossed my mind, I just thought he's a hardcore rocker with his fondness of eyeliner. he has a cute boyfriend named Drake Labry, though I presume he's a rocker himself with all those tats.they were spotted shopping at kitson's. Adam being a sweet boyfriend bought a marc jacobs jacket for his bf, I guess he needs one on this pic.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pool party

well it's summer so pool parties are very trendy this season, I attended another one last Saturday, my dear friend Richelle Mae Brun's 18th bday, imagine she's only 18 but has a lot of experience in life anyways I just want to share my experience. everytime I'm with my friends we never fail to have a blast we just laugh and laugh all through the night. and ate a lot of course, it never fails. here are some pics, the last one was not us but Brun's emo circle with her high school buddies

my fave super model

I'm like dying to post this blog..I'm such a huge fan of supermodel Gemma Ward, anybody who knows her raise your hand..well for those who don't know her apparently she's out of shape, recently gained weight, she kinda let go of her self after loosing her friend Heath Ledger that's why she's not visible in recent fashion weeks, or fashion spreads or ad campaigns for she top brands.
she used to be a favorite of top designers like Karl Lagerfeld, and Miucia Prada because of her Doll face look, and Japan was crazy over her. During her time doll face and ethereal is the 'it' look helping other modeling careers be launched like Vlada R., Jessica Stam and whole lot more. I miss her look , her walk, her face everything I just want her back on the runway and magazine cover and editorial.
she made movies during 2008, entitled Black Balloon and The Stranger rumors has it that she is going to star on another horror flick opposite Macaulay Caulkin, same directors and writers from Black Balloon.
last month she was spotted in Penn Station in New York, meaning she could be back on the modeling market. good news for fans

I twitted recently about her and a fan saw her in NY for A Nina Ricci photo shoot how I wish this is true hopefully we'll see her in the upcoming fashion shows. keep you posted for some gemma ward news hah!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Au suivant!!

I saw a movie this morning entitled Next!or Au suivant! in french. I thought it would be interesting to watch and I was not wrong; and no it is not the one with Nicolas Cage, it is actually a french movie that had french speaking actors haha...
it's a romantic comedy about a casting director and a cremator. they met when her dog died. Jos├ęphine Messner is an overworked casting director burdened by her frantic career and lack of romance, until she meets the wannabe-actor Bernard Dimanche. who by the way his knight in shining armor in most of her hilarious tragedies in life. I don't know but there's something so charming about the movie, that keeps pulling you to the story and next thing you'll know you're hook and you definitely want to kick the ass of the serb guy who tricks her and takes over Jo's house after she took him in for the night. Bernard is not your typical leading man, he's fat, has an odd job- a cremator, and can be really weird sometimes. but jo owes bernard alot for keeping her sane after all she going into. I swear it was really funny, I think it was a really smart movie you should watch it, it's a must see. one of my favorite scenes was when Jo discovers Bernard is color blind she laughed at him hysterically, it was mean I know but it was funny. it also has a touching ending they got together, Jo gets a new dog and still making fun of Bernard's color blindness. I wish I can have a boyfriend like Bernard but better on the looks department haha!

Monday, May 25, 2009

oh so cute..

check out what I found over the net, it's a baby pic of Orlando Bloom, he's so adorable and so cute!

rules suck!

just received my report card today. I already saw my grades online so I was bot that thrilled anymore but none the less the feeling that somehow my hardwork- was there?, was payed off.

just when I was on my ride I realized my nameplate is not pinned on my patch. I know that that moment I was doomed. when i was in the room and about to get my card they notice I was in incomplete uniform and had me write an I.R. or incidence report I happened to say Intensive report lol, was embarrased haha..that made me realize that i hate rules but love to break them..screw DC

Saturday, May 23, 2009


all summer long I had to take sumer classes this semester, I was pretty busy but it was fun cause I get to hang out with my old friends and meet new ones. my typical day was like this- I woke up in the morning around 6 or 7 am, eat breakfast, drink coffee , i need caffeine for that extra jerk i needed, and then take a bath, fix myself for school. that was y routine from monday to friday. but hardwork payed off, i saw my report card yesterday it was quite satisfying

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

what's up hommies?

though I know no one gets to hear my voice in my blog account I still opt to post for anonymous people who happen to stop by and decided to read my blogs and for my future readers ad followers- I hope it won't be long till I have one.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm back!

haha..after a long hiatus of no internet connections which could be a dreadful thought for anyone who has to be connected. F*ck whoever created virus. viruses are computer menace. i guess to much limewiring can cause huge damage. darn! it's been a while..i'm so itch right now to post new blogs.

faye diez' pool party!!!

Hah! Omg, too much bad luck has been occurring to me, and it never seemed to stop. I had to go to this party and it was a pool party so there should be water action involved and guesses what I just found out that I have my period geez. But before that there’s this thing that I argued with my brother that pissed me right on. I was too excited to see my friends knowing that they they’re the ones who can erase the frown in my face. But before that could happen I have to wait long time till they finally arrive, we shared some laughs and somehow I was animated again thanks to Ejay, Gab and Armhie. We decided to walk from our location to Pureza Station and it was quite a meander but it was fine, I didn’t feel any fatigue at all they cracked jokes along the way I just laugh my ass off. Want to hear some of their jokes?
Gab: ano ang trabaho ng carpenter?
All: ano?
Gab: painter ng car.
One more.
Armhie: galling kay brun to. Anong isda ang nababasa pag-umuulan?
All: ano?
Armhie: Hito…(then sings) hito ako basing basa sa ulan walang masisilungan.., we laughed hysterically.
We arrived at the station and start texting friends that we are arriving at Katipunan Station but actually we’re not, we were barely there, and so our friends Brun and Gly and Raissa starts panicking, they replied that they were in v. mapa alreadymeaning they would arrive first than us. When they arrived at santolan station, they texted us hundred times so pissed about us being late. Guess whe should’nt pranked them in the first place. We reunited with them as we arrived at the last station. They teased me about my new do, I lied about and told them I just flat ironed it but actually it was rebounded. We chuckled as we saw each other. We decided to leave the station and wait outside, we saw Marben and giggle at each other. Hugged him. I surely missed them. We waited for our other friends to arrive, while waiting we crack more jokes, the most memorable one was brun’s.
Brun: anong boat ang hindi mo alam?
All: ano?
Brun: amboat—haha

Finally we were complete. All 12 of us- me, Armhie, Gab, Ejay, Brun, Raissa, Glyness, Marben, Eldwin, Roque, Gerard, Alex, Maru and Danine. We rented a van to bring us to our destination. I greeted Danine as this would be the first time I saw her again after our last meeting. I missed her; she’s like a sister to me. I care for her so much. We arrived at catleya resort, astounded with the scenery; the view looked as if there were fire flies all over. It was stunning and I was surely enthralled. We checked our rooms and struggled to possess a space to rest on. Talk about over crowded. I can’t still imagine how I was able to sleep that time. We chitchat as we wait till the debutant arrive. I hear people screaming in complain all over the room about how hungry they are. I did too. We were starving can you blame us? We were starting to tease each other and started doing random stupid things, and then we decided to dress up to our Hawaiian outfits while waiting for the debutant to arrive, we were told that they went out to pick the roasted pig so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be worth the wait. After dressing up we took some pictures. Damn they were pretty. We decided to go down stairs, they sung karaoke and I tried to keep myself entertained with different things. We were starving like I felt my stomach will start to digest my internal organs gosh that was scary, I’ve never been that hungry for a long so finally after 30 years they’ve arrive and guess what we didn’t proceed to dinner first so I thought that was drastic but instead we went for the program proper. First stop 18 candles, I really can’t remember how many time’s I’ve been part of it before and as usual I gave a very lame message haha.. I really don’t have any talent on that. But it was heartfelt don’t get me wrong. I went on my bad habit of doing a countdown of how many girls have already gave messages so I was counting them quietly in my head so that I can tell when will I take a seat again. finally the moment everyone was waiting for, dinner was served. Time check: 9pm but who cares every one was hungry so were like “charge!” I grabbed my plate put mountain of food. And devour every bite of it, then time for dessert I decided to gobble on a plate of watermelon I can’t imagine how many slices I ate, I think if you’ll sum it up it would be a whole watermelon. After eating watermelon I can feel the juice right up in my throat, my system just couldn’t get it down because my stomach was full, gosh. We went somewhere to you know, for what we can call fresh air. People started to jump on the pool, I was envious I just had my period but my friends were like “oh, its gonna stop once your on the water” and I was like “yah, I know” my friends changed on their swim wear and I did too, they jump to the water, they were having fun while I was watching them on the side. They decided to play hep hep hooray. I just couldn’t resist so I joined, losers are pushed off to the pool, I won but in the end they still shove in the water.

We laughed, danced and laughed some more. We surely had fun. We decided it’s time to hit the showers and go to sleep. Our room only had four beds and we were 10, just imagine our sleeping position. Yeah I know it was insane. I slept between Gly and Roque. But before I went to sleep I found out my camera was broke. And it was stressing me out I just can’t imagine how I broke it. My friend asked me to just go to bed and I did. I thought for a moment that I couldn’t go to sleep because I’m stressing on my camera. It was almost four am but I’m not that sleepy yet. But once I closed my eyes I was out like light. We were waked up by Faye around 7 am no one was ready to rise. My eyelids was still heavy, I know I need some more sleep but were told that we should leave by 8 and so went finally went out of bed. I can’t imagine that we only slept for just about three hours I can’t believe that I fell asleep with conditions like that. My neck was stiff, it hurts. I need more sleep. We went down stairs ate breakfast after that prepared to go home. We were all tired and out of energy. Our van arrived and while on the ride we were all asleep, having few more minutes of sleep gave my needed lift. When we arrived at the train station I just couldn’t get up of my seat, I gathered all the energy in the world for me to lift my butt. some friends had to say their goodbyes, we were down to 10. we rode the train. Brun stopped to anonas station; Gerard, Armhie and Alex to araneta station. Gly and Rai to v. mapa. And the remaining to recto. Ejay and I parted ways from Gab, Danine, Maru, Eldwin. Ejay and I walk up to LRT 1 then from there separated and said goodbyes. I made a swift pit stop to pee. Whew. Took a bus ride, and while on it I was again sleeping. I arrived home around 11 am. My day was not over yet. I washed my clothes first then did some lazy things. I can’t believe I’m still awake. I took a nap that afternoon. Another well spent time with my friends, I wish we can do it again some time. Peace!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I’ve made it!! I’m IN

After two long years of sacrifice, hardships, sleepless nights and a whole lot more, I’ve finally made it to the institute of Nursing. I’m a rightful nursing student. How did it all happen? Simple First, I enrolled myself in a AHSE course program, after that I took my battery examinations which by the way I passed with flying colors, having the grade of 99+, can you imagine? Then after that, we were required for an interview, for them to learn our real intentions and what we really have in my mind regarding nursing, until finally, waited long till they make public the results. Results came out Monday, my friend Raissa called as regards to the outcome, “alam mo na?, nandun pangalan mo”, I said “ok ah..” well as expected, I already now from the start I’ll make it, joking!!
Tuesday (the magical day..for some )
6:00 am, I opened my eyes for about a minute, saw the clock’s hand in 6 and 12 in other words 6 pa lang. so I decided to set off back to bed, when I woke it’s already 9:00, I realized I have to go to school to get my report card, I scrambled and then gather my essential stuffs then went straight to school, good thing I managed to brush my teeth, fix my hair, wash my face and wore my uniform in less than 15 minutes. I arrive at school around 10: 05 am, went straight to NB 605 to get my report card. I saw my grades, it’s 2.01, quite high than last semester, went down stairs to check my name, confirmed!, there it was #1307 MONTERUBIO, EUFROSINA JOY G., I grinned then went down stairs to meet my friends in pavilion one. I saw Faye, Raissa, Gly, and Gab chatting, I joined along. They were talking about Kuya, and about what happened to our friends. I sat there too. We stayed hours for others while waiting, my fanatical friends decided to play ‘HEP HEP HOORAY’, I joined and lost, well, who cares, no one won anyways. They also put their fancy contact lenses on while I watched in the corner, fascinated with what they’re doing for a minute they almost made me buy a pair also.
Until our wait finally came to an end, we decided to eat at Bro’s, our favorite sisig house located at Lerma. I had 2 cups of rice, and ate two sticks of grilled cumulated pig blood. We we’re full after that so we decided to smoke a stick for fast digestion. I told my friends that I have a good horror flick with me and asked them if they want to watch it at the apartment today, they said yes right away. Before the movie started, Marben walked away for an unknown reason. He missed a lot. The title of the movie is alone, a story about twin sisters. The evil one killed the nice one and now the nice one is after the evil one. We gave it a good scream. I can probably tell that movie scared the hell out of ‘em. As what it did to me. We would’ve enjoyed it better if only the dvd was playing smoothly, we have to wipe it every now and then while watching it. After the movie, we smoke some more and more. we also listed to what ever Raissa had to say. Poor Rai.
While on my way home, I decided to buy lychee flavored slurpee at 7 eleven while riding the bus. As expected it never fails to tickle my taste buds, looks like there will be a third time.  Every sip taste so sweet I made sure that my tongue will savor the flavor. It’s so cold that my tongue succumbs to paralysis every time I took a nip, a good paralysis though. Till I arrive home, ate dinner, took a bath, and made this blog. Another day well spent again along side my ecomowds.

Friday, March 20, 2009

preparing for faux class

My cousins kenneth, Kyute and I decided to make some videos before we got to school check me out on my school uniform, watch the video for some =P

I also took some pictures of my cousin doing her laundry..what yah think? can i be a photog smoeday?

Swimming with ecomowds- best birthday celebration!!

Last march 17,2009 my friends planned to go swimming. we went to a stunning resort in Antipolo, Rizal. we wanted to do that because, mainly to celebrate my birthday and at the same time it'll be our last time to be together at time like this. just going there was already an adventure we have to ride a fx, took some cute pics together then a tricycle. eh sobrang taas nung daan grabe ung usok nung tambutcho kawawa si mother earth, then we arrived, we payed our entrance, the most painful part of the trip, and at the same time ordered at jollibee.
we changed to our two piece and trunks just as we finished, food arrived. we devoured every bite of our meal. after that had a good smoke then did some modeling, took some pictures before that, then went to swim and they sung happy birthday for me, the water was so cold we couldn't stand it we swam about less than 30 mins. we did slide down on the slides, it was lot of fun.

then went on to take some more and more pictures after that proceeded on our drinking session which knocked me out of my feet.. haha I got drunk ever for the first time, so intoxicated I vomitted, I really found it funny,my face was all red I couldn't walk properly anymore, I was talking in english, cursing here and there, smoking like there's no tomorrow, mind you, i'm not a smoker, we smoke just for fun and this was not the first time. i was so happy. what an experience. the last thing I can remember was that Faye was crying and we were comforting her. the next thing I know, I was asleep, out like a light. I woke up once because brun was so noisy she said she has been jogging and she was panting heavily it woke me up, but I went to sleep again, second time I woke up, the effect of alcohol went down my system and I start to feel cold, pull out and wore my jacket and I'm already starting to realize I'm sleeping with my wet shorts and undies on, take note I didn't pee alright it is that we swam so were soaking wet. and also I noticed that I'm sleeping on a concrete , imagine how cold and hard would that be. and then I couldn't go to sleep any more because of those external factors. I decided to take a swim, I slide down the pool and landed on the freezing water, I thought I will die.
my friends and I had concert on the pool, imitated wowowee, it was lot of fun. the fun was cut short because the staff said that it's closing time. we went up and took more pictures and then decided to wash up after that. I wash down all those booze in my system down..the best shower I ever had haha.. after that took some videos of my guy friends in their undies haha,, then went home. during our ride home our train stopped for about 20 mins. we shared more jokes and laughter together then. seperated ways. but for just a while. I miss 'em all

community service in poblacion, batanggas the a18 way

for now I miss waking up so early in the morning every tuesday because every tuesday is our community service. in FEU tounge it means community diagnosing or you need to find out diseases your adopted community has or having. whatever. but for me every tuesday means another sacrifice of sleep lol, but anyways I did enjoy our batanggas week. We have a call time of 7:00, i wake up around 5 any later than that I'm doomed in other words, I'm late. I woke up late twice the first one almost didn't make it I pain 150 for the taxi that broke my heart even more haha..but that day was worth it as I got to talk to my_____ lol. the second time, I regret that I rode on a taxi, still paid 150 not worth it because I wasn't late at all.
every group of two is designated with a foster family. Marben, may partner and I was assigned to a less fortunate but kind hearted, unselfish family. the mother has diabetes and jobless, what are the odds right?, her daughter is graduating in high school, it shouldn't be a problem right?, but because of money problems, they're not sure if she'll be able to take her diploma with her. in our world, no diploma no possible job opportunities. anyways, our spend time with them was worth while. they always make us feel welcomed and loved, on our last day they even cried.
I remember the time when we have nothing to do, instead we made music videos, ate halo- halo, hide and sleep- my favorite
there are so many precious and funny moments together like when we eat bare hands for a couple times, the most memorable was when some of our friends namely brun, gerard, mica, andrea lambino, glyness, gab, ate along with us, we shared baon and i was full, the best tlga..
I remember every tuesday I end up arguing with marben haha..

those days were truly unforgettable =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tagaytay love shack

my friends and I decided to go to Tagaytay for our birthday celebration and we did, since I still have classes they couldn't wait for me anymore so they went there first- May and her boyfriend Fred, Bernice and Richmond. I took my bioethics exam and went straight to tagaytay after that. and since they went there first, I don't have any companion with me on my trip to Batangas, all alone huhu..but it's ok. I took the bus ride around 5pm which is a rush hour time so everything seems to be slow. the bus ride that is supposed to an hour and half became two then 3 then 4 whew.. I thought I was gonna die because it was so cold in there the temp. is hitting 17 degrees in a bus?, anyways good thing I'm at directions.. and finally I arrived at olivarez as they call it, the driver dropped me at the very stop where they are. It was so dark at I did get scared for the first time of my trip. I called may and I was walking on the street I saw four goon looking men, it scared the hell out of me, I mean what would you do in a scenario where its very dark, no one will hear you if you scream, 4 ugly men on your way and your all by yourself, good thing may and co. arrived at right time, they saved my ass whew.
Finally party time, damn I was starving in the bus so I made sure that I'll make up for it. after the eating dinner, I took a bath and we decided to watch Bb. Pilipinas. because I was too tired I feel asleep while watching it.
the next day we decided to go out and explore, because of tight budget our money only brought us to picnic groove had a good look of taal volcano and took some really nice pictures. I bought welcome gifts for my family since they caught me lying about my trip, I lied that we had a car haha.. anyways the buko pie was delicious. back at the house we played cards I Lost a couple of times haha.., we decided that it's time to go home, bus ride again then Lrt. then back in my family's arms

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

another day another lie..

woke up around 11 am haha...what's up with that.. a lot of things ahead..hope it'll turn out so well..

its my b-day!!

March 15

well, its march 17 today but who cares I it's just two day ago so what..haha,

on my actual birthday, I was not feeling it really, everything seems so wrong. at the eve of my birthday my cousins and I decided to go clubbin' and party all night, the club we went in to sucks- bad music, ugly place, ugly people..well that's the only place we could go in to bec. of our budget but anyways, I hope my cousins had fun because that's all that matters.

few days before my birthday, my friends were bugging me on how and where are we gonna celebrate my 19th birthday (yes I'm 19, last year of my teenage years huhu..), I asked my mom about it and all I heard was that she alot of things to think of and bills to pay so in other word a very dry birthday for me.

i woke up late around 10 I think after, I was excited to check my phone and friedster and facebook accounts for some birthday greetings, there are few special persons greeted me that's great just perked up my day. with nothing else to do I decided to watch Mamma Mia! on Dvd and received a phone call from my cousin camille greeting me a happy birthday. my cousin jason arrived with ice cream so that was great bec. now I know we have something to eat haha..And then engaged my self in an arguement with my brother as always. that afternoon we went to church, and thanked god for giving me another year to live. and for the bleesings he has given me. it made me teary eyed. after the mass I asked my mom if she could buy me some cake she did..that made me happy haha..

that evening, well I can say everything was going on the way I wanted it thank God.