Saturday, May 9, 2009

faye diez' pool party!!!

Hah! Omg, too much bad luck has been occurring to me, and it never seemed to stop. I had to go to this party and it was a pool party so there should be water action involved and guesses what I just found out that I have my period geez. But before that there’s this thing that I argued with my brother that pissed me right on. I was too excited to see my friends knowing that they they’re the ones who can erase the frown in my face. But before that could happen I have to wait long time till they finally arrive, we shared some laughs and somehow I was animated again thanks to Ejay, Gab and Armhie. We decided to walk from our location to Pureza Station and it was quite a meander but it was fine, I didn’t feel any fatigue at all they cracked jokes along the way I just laugh my ass off. Want to hear some of their jokes?
Gab: ano ang trabaho ng carpenter?
All: ano?
Gab: painter ng car.
One more.
Armhie: galling kay brun to. Anong isda ang nababasa pag-umuulan?
All: ano?
Armhie: Hito…(then sings) hito ako basing basa sa ulan walang masisilungan.., we laughed hysterically.
We arrived at the station and start texting friends that we are arriving at Katipunan Station but actually we’re not, we were barely there, and so our friends Brun and Gly and Raissa starts panicking, they replied that they were in v. mapa alreadymeaning they would arrive first than us. When they arrived at santolan station, they texted us hundred times so pissed about us being late. Guess whe should’nt pranked them in the first place. We reunited with them as we arrived at the last station. They teased me about my new do, I lied about and told them I just flat ironed it but actually it was rebounded. We chuckled as we saw each other. We decided to leave the station and wait outside, we saw Marben and giggle at each other. Hugged him. I surely missed them. We waited for our other friends to arrive, while waiting we crack more jokes, the most memorable one was brun’s.
Brun: anong boat ang hindi mo alam?
All: ano?
Brun: amboat—haha

Finally we were complete. All 12 of us- me, Armhie, Gab, Ejay, Brun, Raissa, Glyness, Marben, Eldwin, Roque, Gerard, Alex, Maru and Danine. We rented a van to bring us to our destination. I greeted Danine as this would be the first time I saw her again after our last meeting. I missed her; she’s like a sister to me. I care for her so much. We arrived at catleya resort, astounded with the scenery; the view looked as if there were fire flies all over. It was stunning and I was surely enthralled. We checked our rooms and struggled to possess a space to rest on. Talk about over crowded. I can’t still imagine how I was able to sleep that time. We chitchat as we wait till the debutant arrive. I hear people screaming in complain all over the room about how hungry they are. I did too. We were starving can you blame us? We were starting to tease each other and started doing random stupid things, and then we decided to dress up to our Hawaiian outfits while waiting for the debutant to arrive, we were told that they went out to pick the roasted pig so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be worth the wait. After dressing up we took some pictures. Damn they were pretty. We decided to go down stairs, they sung karaoke and I tried to keep myself entertained with different things. We were starving like I felt my stomach will start to digest my internal organs gosh that was scary, I’ve never been that hungry for a long so finally after 30 years they’ve arrive and guess what we didn’t proceed to dinner first so I thought that was drastic but instead we went for the program proper. First stop 18 candles, I really can’t remember how many time’s I’ve been part of it before and as usual I gave a very lame message haha.. I really don’t have any talent on that. But it was heartfelt don’t get me wrong. I went on my bad habit of doing a countdown of how many girls have already gave messages so I was counting them quietly in my head so that I can tell when will I take a seat again. finally the moment everyone was waiting for, dinner was served. Time check: 9pm but who cares every one was hungry so were like “charge!” I grabbed my plate put mountain of food. And devour every bite of it, then time for dessert I decided to gobble on a plate of watermelon I can’t imagine how many slices I ate, I think if you’ll sum it up it would be a whole watermelon. After eating watermelon I can feel the juice right up in my throat, my system just couldn’t get it down because my stomach was full, gosh. We went somewhere to you know, for what we can call fresh air. People started to jump on the pool, I was envious I just had my period but my friends were like “oh, its gonna stop once your on the water” and I was like “yah, I know” my friends changed on their swim wear and I did too, they jump to the water, they were having fun while I was watching them on the side. They decided to play hep hep hooray. I just couldn’t resist so I joined, losers are pushed off to the pool, I won but in the end they still shove in the water.

We laughed, danced and laughed some more. We surely had fun. We decided it’s time to hit the showers and go to sleep. Our room only had four beds and we were 10, just imagine our sleeping position. Yeah I know it was insane. I slept between Gly and Roque. But before I went to sleep I found out my camera was broke. And it was stressing me out I just can’t imagine how I broke it. My friend asked me to just go to bed and I did. I thought for a moment that I couldn’t go to sleep because I’m stressing on my camera. It was almost four am but I’m not that sleepy yet. But once I closed my eyes I was out like light. We were waked up by Faye around 7 am no one was ready to rise. My eyelids was still heavy, I know I need some more sleep but were told that we should leave by 8 and so went finally went out of bed. I can’t imagine that we only slept for just about three hours I can’t believe that I fell asleep with conditions like that. My neck was stiff, it hurts. I need more sleep. We went down stairs ate breakfast after that prepared to go home. We were all tired and out of energy. Our van arrived and while on the ride we were all asleep, having few more minutes of sleep gave my needed lift. When we arrived at the train station I just couldn’t get up of my seat, I gathered all the energy in the world for me to lift my butt. some friends had to say their goodbyes, we were down to 10. we rode the train. Brun stopped to anonas station; Gerard, Armhie and Alex to araneta station. Gly and Rai to v. mapa. And the remaining to recto. Ejay and I parted ways from Gab, Danine, Maru, Eldwin. Ejay and I walk up to LRT 1 then from there separated and said goodbyes. I made a swift pit stop to pee. Whew. Took a bus ride, and while on it I was again sleeping. I arrived home around 11 am. My day was not over yet. I washed my clothes first then did some lazy things. I can’t believe I’m still awake. I took a nap that afternoon. Another well spent time with my friends, I wish we can do it again some time. Peace!

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