Saturday, September 5, 2009

i wrote a poem!

"Poem of the poems"

This poem is for readers to read
This poem is for the hearts that bleed
This poem is for the blind to see
This poem is for you and me

This poem gives wealth to the poor
This poem gives self esteem to the insecure
This poem gives cure to the sick
This poem gives strength to the weak

This poem cannot be out of reach, for this poem is for teachers to teach
This poem cannot be out of reach, for this poem is for the preachers to preach
Oh Lord, the words run out and can no longer sink
This poem will end in a blink

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cheaters are bothers of thieves. so?

So many things happened this day. Was caught cheating – no regrets, for that have minus 15 in our scores. We were three by the way our answers was alike. I won’t deny it but I wont admit that I cheated but not all, I think the way we cheated was on a cyclic pattern so we ended up having the same answers haha..Like I said no regrets. I accepted the punishment whole heartedly. Was I courageous? Who cares, anyways, Lesson learned though- try not to copy everything you’ll get caught lol.
My sort of boyfriend got tired and decided to break things up with me. As if I care. He probably thought I’ll chase after him. Nah. Too many men out there I don’t have much time. So goodbye! He’s not worth it and for the record I’m not bitter, I’m actually happy no burdens any more
Of all the things that happened to me today, I really got pissed when my group leader told me I didn’t submitted my project, I thought she’ll be impressed that I was an early bird, passed it Saturday, deadline was Sunday but instead I didn’t got any credit for my hard work, it was really hard typing those sh*t grr..
Oh well tomorrows another day! Peace out!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson R.IP.

I received a text message friday morning saying mj is dead well I thought it's a prank because prank text is very common. i search over the net to check if it's true. and right there at yahoo front and center it is. he died because of cardiac arrest in his house in L.A.
the fact that he died still didn't sync in even up to now. I was still young when his music was playing everywhere a 3 or 4 year old won't appreciate. I remember dancing along one of his videos when I was young, I saw him on tv and liked his songs I would sing along with wrong lyrics.
he's gone too soon. but his music will live forever.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

gemma ward in her famous black sweater

here's a recent picture of Gemma spotted at Penn Station with her brother.


to all fashion watchers out there. we all know that Gemma Ward gained weight drastically. I found pictures of her and notice she likes to wear a black sweater maybe to hide her built. black makes you thinner. i wear a lot of black jeans and tights because of my thick legs. how i wish she's fit to work next season. well she's still pretty maybe she can be a plus size model.what do you think?
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Edie Sedgwick the factory girl

I don’t know but I think it was last year when I saw the movie ‘Factory Girl’. It’s about the tragic life of Edie Sedgwick played by Sienna Miller, Andy Warhol’s muse for some of his art creations. I saw the movie twice, I never heard of the film but Andy Warhol’s name rings a bell so I thought it’ll be interesting and maybe I’ll just watch it for a couple of minutes then later on I realized I finished the whole movie. It was so tragic, I felt really heavy half of the movie, she was a drug addict, she’s an heiress so that means she has a lot of inheritance but manage to spend all of it in just six months. Had a love affair and was heart broken. Even came to the point where her family disowns her making her broke and died at the age of 28 because of drug overdose.
After seeing the movie, I learned a lot of life lessons from Edie. That drugs will get you nowhere, be wise and emotionally strong. I wish someone helped her. I hated her family for ignoring her when she needed financial help, well it’s Edie’s fault too but I wish somehow they were a little bit considerate.
I also became curious who Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol were I googled them. I can never forget that the next day I was able to use them on my recitation for Literature.
Edie was such a fashion inspiration to all the fashionistas and goddess to the male sex because she was very beautiful. I personally like her. If given a chance to live her life I would but I would make it better life to live in like abstain from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and be wiser. I think I will not die and devastate my life at 28. She was such a waste.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back to change.

Doesn't matter how random, just type it! Re-post it for all of your BORED friends. (Hahaha yes, that's me :P) and me too.. :)

1. Beer: Redhorse

2. Food: carbohydrates

3. Relationships: complicated

4. Your CRUSH: Jose...

5. Power Rangers: Pink ranger!

6. Life: is wonderful, full of surprises

7. The President: responsibilities

8. Yummy: pistachio ice cream

9. Cars: red ferarri, black porsche

10. Movie: transformers 2- looking forward for it

11. Halloween: cemetery,candles

12. Sex: female haha

13. Religion: Jesus Christ

14. Hate: anger, anxiousness

15. Fear: dying not contented

16. Marriage: is a sacred thing, should be done once

17. Blondes: Paris and Nicole, doll face supermodel

18. Slippers: beach

19. Shoes: leather

20. Asians: beautiful people

21. Pass time: sleep

22. One night stand: for fun

23. My cell phone: i think it's broken

24. Smoke: malboro lights

26. College:crazy, fun, 2nd phase of life

27. High school Life: the best time of my life,

28. Pajamas: i rarely wear one

29. Stars: superstar, bold star, rock star hahaha

30. Fitness Center: sweat, stamina

31. Alcohol: disinfectant

32. The word love: love is god

33. Friends: treasure in life

34. Money: is just a thing, should not be worshiped

35. Heartache: is hard to mend

36. Time: don't have a lot

37. Divorce: heartbreaking

38. Dogs: loyal, loving, Neri

39. Undies: comfy

40. Parents: sacrifice

41. Babies: super cute, innocence

42. Ex: files haha

43. Song: inspiring

44. Color: colorless

45. Weddings: white, glorious

46. Pizza: comfort food

47. Hangout: apart, house

48. Resto: anywhere, Bro's

49. Goal: to conquer the world, be someone someday, be able to google myself haha

50. Inspiration: parents, my aunt che, Gemma Ward, Natalie Portman

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gemma Ward and Amanda Seyfriend seperated at birth

oohh I think Gemma and Amanda has strong resemblance I can't help but think of Gemma when I was watching MAMMA MIA! they both have blond hair, wide eyes, ethereal features, Gemma is way taller though, almost the same age and both really talented. one more thing that I find them in common is that I both look up to them. =p

I also think these two guys were seperated at birth! Ryo Nishikido and Victor Basa, both actors, one is from Japan, and the other is from Philippines