Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Au suivant!!

I saw a movie this morning entitled Next!or Au suivant! in french. I thought it would be interesting to watch and I was not wrong; and no it is not the one with Nicolas Cage, it is actually a french movie that had french speaking actors haha...
it's a romantic comedy about a casting director and a cremator. they met when her dog died. Jos├ęphine Messner is an overworked casting director burdened by her frantic career and lack of romance, until she meets the wannabe-actor Bernard Dimanche. who by the way his knight in shining armor in most of her hilarious tragedies in life. I don't know but there's something so charming about the movie, that keeps pulling you to the story and next thing you'll know you're hook and you definitely want to kick the ass of the serb guy who tricks her and takes over Jo's house after she took him in for the night. Bernard is not your typical leading man, he's fat, has an odd job- a cremator, and can be really weird sometimes. but jo owes bernard alot for keeping her sane after all she going into. I swear it was really funny, I think it was a really smart movie you should watch it, it's a must see. one of my favorite scenes was when Jo discovers Bernard is color blind she laughed at him hysterically, it was mean I know but it was funny. it also has a touching ending they got together, Jo gets a new dog and still making fun of Bernard's color blindness. I wish I can have a boyfriend like Bernard but better on the looks department haha!

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