Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my fave super model

I'm like dying to post this blog..I'm such a huge fan of supermodel Gemma Ward, anybody who knows her raise your hand..well for those who don't know her apparently she's out of shape, recently gained weight, she kinda let go of her self after loosing her friend Heath Ledger that's why she's not visible in recent fashion weeks, or fashion spreads or ad campaigns for she top brands.
she used to be a favorite of top designers like Karl Lagerfeld, and Miucia Prada because of her Doll face look, and Japan was crazy over her. During her time doll face and ethereal is the 'it' look helping other modeling careers be launched like Vlada R., Jessica Stam and whole lot more. I miss her look , her walk, her face everything I just want her back on the runway and magazine cover and editorial.
she made movies during 2008, entitled Black Balloon and The Stranger rumors has it that she is going to star on another horror flick opposite Macaulay Caulkin, same directors and writers from Black Balloon.
last month she was spotted in Penn Station in New York, meaning she could be back on the modeling market. good news for fans

I twitted recently about her and a fan saw her in NY for A Nina Ricci photo shoot how I wish this is true hopefully we'll see her in the upcoming fashion shows. keep you posted for some gemma ward news hah!

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