Friday, March 20, 2009

Swimming with ecomowds- best birthday celebration!!

Last march 17,2009 my friends planned to go swimming. we went to a stunning resort in Antipolo, Rizal. we wanted to do that because, mainly to celebrate my birthday and at the same time it'll be our last time to be together at time like this. just going there was already an adventure we have to ride a fx, took some cute pics together then a tricycle. eh sobrang taas nung daan grabe ung usok nung tambutcho kawawa si mother earth, then we arrived, we payed our entrance, the most painful part of the trip, and at the same time ordered at jollibee.
we changed to our two piece and trunks just as we finished, food arrived. we devoured every bite of our meal. after that had a good smoke then did some modeling, took some pictures before that, then went to swim and they sung happy birthday for me, the water was so cold we couldn't stand it we swam about less than 30 mins. we did slide down on the slides, it was lot of fun.

then went on to take some more and more pictures after that proceeded on our drinking session which knocked me out of my feet.. haha I got drunk ever for the first time, so intoxicated I vomitted, I really found it funny,my face was all red I couldn't walk properly anymore, I was talking in english, cursing here and there, smoking like there's no tomorrow, mind you, i'm not a smoker, we smoke just for fun and this was not the first time. i was so happy. what an experience. the last thing I can remember was that Faye was crying and we were comforting her. the next thing I know, I was asleep, out like a light. I woke up once because brun was so noisy she said she has been jogging and she was panting heavily it woke me up, but I went to sleep again, second time I woke up, the effect of alcohol went down my system and I start to feel cold, pull out and wore my jacket and I'm already starting to realize I'm sleeping with my wet shorts and undies on, take note I didn't pee alright it is that we swam so were soaking wet. and also I noticed that I'm sleeping on a concrete , imagine how cold and hard would that be. and then I couldn't go to sleep any more because of those external factors. I decided to take a swim, I slide down the pool and landed on the freezing water, I thought I will die.
my friends and I had concert on the pool, imitated wowowee, it was lot of fun. the fun was cut short because the staff said that it's closing time. we went up and took more pictures and then decided to wash up after that. I wash down all those booze in my system down..the best shower I ever had haha.. after that took some videos of my guy friends in their undies haha,, then went home. during our ride home our train stopped for about 20 mins. we shared more jokes and laughter together then. seperated ways. but for just a while. I miss 'em all

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