Tuesday, March 17, 2009

its my b-day!!

March 15

well, its march 17 today but who cares I it's just two day ago so what..haha,

on my actual birthday, I was not feeling it really, everything seems so wrong. at the eve of my birthday my cousins and I decided to go clubbin' and party all night, the club we went in to sucks- bad music, ugly place, ugly people..well that's the only place we could go in to bec. of our budget but anyways, I hope my cousins had fun because that's all that matters.

few days before my birthday, my friends were bugging me on how and where are we gonna celebrate my 19th birthday (yes I'm 19, last year of my teenage years huhu..), I asked my mom about it and all I heard was that she alot of things to think of and bills to pay so in other word a very dry birthday for me.

i woke up late around 10 I think after, I was excited to check my phone and friedster and facebook accounts for some birthday greetings, there are few special persons greeted me that's great just perked up my day. with nothing else to do I decided to watch Mamma Mia! on Dvd and received a phone call from my cousin camille greeting me a happy birthday. my cousin jason arrived with ice cream so that was great bec. now I know we have something to eat haha..And then engaged my self in an arguement with my brother as always. that afternoon we went to church, and thanked god for giving me another year to live. and for the bleesings he has given me. it made me teary eyed. after the mass I asked my mom if she could buy me some cake she did..that made me happy haha..

that evening, well I can say everything was going on the way I wanted it thank God.

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