Saturday, September 5, 2009

i wrote a poem!

"Poem of the poems"

This poem is for readers to read
This poem is for the hearts that bleed
This poem is for the blind to see
This poem is for you and me

This poem gives wealth to the poor
This poem gives self esteem to the insecure
This poem gives cure to the sick
This poem gives strength to the weak

This poem cannot be out of reach, for this poem is for teachers to teach
This poem cannot be out of reach, for this poem is for the preachers to preach
Oh Lord, the words run out and can no longer sink
This poem will end in a blink

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cheaters are bothers of thieves. so?

So many things happened this day. Was caught cheating – no regrets, for that have minus 15 in our scores. We were three by the way our answers was alike. I won’t deny it but I wont admit that I cheated but not all, I think the way we cheated was on a cyclic pattern so we ended up having the same answers haha..Like I said no regrets. I accepted the punishment whole heartedly. Was I courageous? Who cares, anyways, Lesson learned though- try not to copy everything you’ll get caught lol.
My sort of boyfriend got tired and decided to break things up with me. As if I care. He probably thought I’ll chase after him. Nah. Too many men out there I don’t have much time. So goodbye! He’s not worth it and for the record I’m not bitter, I’m actually happy no burdens any more
Of all the things that happened to me today, I really got pissed when my group leader told me I didn’t submitted my project, I thought she’ll be impressed that I was an early bird, passed it Saturday, deadline was Sunday but instead I didn’t got any credit for my hard work, it was really hard typing those sh*t grr..
Oh well tomorrows another day! Peace out!