Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back to change.

Doesn't matter how random, just type it! Re-post it for all of your BORED friends. (Hahaha yes, that's me :P) and me too.. :)

1. Beer: Redhorse

2. Food: carbohydrates

3. Relationships: complicated

4. Your CRUSH: Jose...

5. Power Rangers: Pink ranger!

6. Life: is wonderful, full of surprises

7. The President: responsibilities

8. Yummy: pistachio ice cream

9. Cars: red ferarri, black porsche

10. Movie: transformers 2- looking forward for it

11. Halloween: cemetery,candles

12. Sex: female haha

13. Religion: Jesus Christ

14. Hate: anger, anxiousness

15. Fear: dying not contented

16. Marriage: is a sacred thing, should be done once

17. Blondes: Paris and Nicole, doll face supermodel

18. Slippers: beach

19. Shoes: leather

20. Asians: beautiful people

21. Pass time: sleep

22. One night stand: for fun

23. My cell phone: i think it's broken

24. Smoke: malboro lights

26. College:crazy, fun, 2nd phase of life

27. High school Life: the best time of my life,

28. Pajamas: i rarely wear one

29. Stars: superstar, bold star, rock star hahaha

30. Fitness Center: sweat, stamina

31. Alcohol: disinfectant

32. The word love: love is god

33. Friends: treasure in life

34. Money: is just a thing, should not be worshiped

35. Heartache: is hard to mend

36. Time: don't have a lot

37. Divorce: heartbreaking

38. Dogs: loyal, loving, Neri

39. Undies: comfy

40. Parents: sacrifice

41. Babies: super cute, innocence

42. Ex: files haha

43. Song: inspiring

44. Color: colorless

45. Weddings: white, glorious

46. Pizza: comfort food

47. Hangout: apart, house

48. Resto: anywhere, Bro's

49. Goal: to conquer the world, be someone someday, be able to google myself haha

50. Inspiration: parents, my aunt che, Gemma Ward, Natalie Portman

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