Thursday, March 26, 2009

I’ve made it!! I’m IN

After two long years of sacrifice, hardships, sleepless nights and a whole lot more, I’ve finally made it to the institute of Nursing. I’m a rightful nursing student. How did it all happen? Simple First, I enrolled myself in a AHSE course program, after that I took my battery examinations which by the way I passed with flying colors, having the grade of 99+, can you imagine? Then after that, we were required for an interview, for them to learn our real intentions and what we really have in my mind regarding nursing, until finally, waited long till they make public the results. Results came out Monday, my friend Raissa called as regards to the outcome, “alam mo na?, nandun pangalan mo”, I said “ok ah..” well as expected, I already now from the start I’ll make it, joking!!
Tuesday (the magical day..for some )
6:00 am, I opened my eyes for about a minute, saw the clock’s hand in 6 and 12 in other words 6 pa lang. so I decided to set off back to bed, when I woke it’s already 9:00, I realized I have to go to school to get my report card, I scrambled and then gather my essential stuffs then went straight to school, good thing I managed to brush my teeth, fix my hair, wash my face and wore my uniform in less than 15 minutes. I arrive at school around 10: 05 am, went straight to NB 605 to get my report card. I saw my grades, it’s 2.01, quite high than last semester, went down stairs to check my name, confirmed!, there it was #1307 MONTERUBIO, EUFROSINA JOY G., I grinned then went down stairs to meet my friends in pavilion one. I saw Faye, Raissa, Gly, and Gab chatting, I joined along. They were talking about Kuya, and about what happened to our friends. I sat there too. We stayed hours for others while waiting, my fanatical friends decided to play ‘HEP HEP HOORAY’, I joined and lost, well, who cares, no one won anyways. They also put their fancy contact lenses on while I watched in the corner, fascinated with what they’re doing for a minute they almost made me buy a pair also.
Until our wait finally came to an end, we decided to eat at Bro’s, our favorite sisig house located at Lerma. I had 2 cups of rice, and ate two sticks of grilled cumulated pig blood. We we’re full after that so we decided to smoke a stick for fast digestion. I told my friends that I have a good horror flick with me and asked them if they want to watch it at the apartment today, they said yes right away. Before the movie started, Marben walked away for an unknown reason. He missed a lot. The title of the movie is alone, a story about twin sisters. The evil one killed the nice one and now the nice one is after the evil one. We gave it a good scream. I can probably tell that movie scared the hell out of ‘em. As what it did to me. We would’ve enjoyed it better if only the dvd was playing smoothly, we have to wipe it every now and then while watching it. After the movie, we smoke some more and more. we also listed to what ever Raissa had to say. Poor Rai.
While on my way home, I decided to buy lychee flavored slurpee at 7 eleven while riding the bus. As expected it never fails to tickle my taste buds, looks like there will be a third time.  Every sip taste so sweet I made sure that my tongue will savor the flavor. It’s so cold that my tongue succumbs to paralysis every time I took a nip, a good paralysis though. Till I arrive home, ate dinner, took a bath, and made this blog. Another day well spent again along side my ecomowds.

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