Friday, March 20, 2009

community service in poblacion, batanggas the a18 way

for now I miss waking up so early in the morning every tuesday because every tuesday is our community service. in FEU tounge it means community diagnosing or you need to find out diseases your adopted community has or having. whatever. but for me every tuesday means another sacrifice of sleep lol, but anyways I did enjoy our batanggas week. We have a call time of 7:00, i wake up around 5 any later than that I'm doomed in other words, I'm late. I woke up late twice the first one almost didn't make it I pain 150 for the taxi that broke my heart even more haha..but that day was worth it as I got to talk to my_____ lol. the second time, I regret that I rode on a taxi, still paid 150 not worth it because I wasn't late at all.
every group of two is designated with a foster family. Marben, may partner and I was assigned to a less fortunate but kind hearted, unselfish family. the mother has diabetes and jobless, what are the odds right?, her daughter is graduating in high school, it shouldn't be a problem right?, but because of money problems, they're not sure if she'll be able to take her diploma with her. in our world, no diploma no possible job opportunities. anyways, our spend time with them was worth while. they always make us feel welcomed and loved, on our last day they even cried.
I remember the time when we have nothing to do, instead we made music videos, ate halo- halo, hide and sleep- my favorite
there are so many precious and funny moments together like when we eat bare hands for a couple times, the most memorable was when some of our friends namely brun, gerard, mica, andrea lambino, glyness, gab, ate along with us, we shared baon and i was full, the best tlga..
I remember every tuesday I end up arguing with marben haha..

those days were truly unforgettable =)

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