Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tagaytay love shack

my friends and I decided to go to Tagaytay for our birthday celebration and we did, since I still have classes they couldn't wait for me anymore so they went there first- May and her boyfriend Fred, Bernice and Richmond. I took my bioethics exam and went straight to tagaytay after that. and since they went there first, I don't have any companion with me on my trip to Batangas, all alone huhu..but it's ok. I took the bus ride around 5pm which is a rush hour time so everything seems to be slow. the bus ride that is supposed to an hour and half became two then 3 then 4 whew.. I thought I was gonna die because it was so cold in there the temp. is hitting 17 degrees in a bus?, anyways good thing I'm at directions.. and finally I arrived at olivarez as they call it, the driver dropped me at the very stop where they are. It was so dark at I did get scared for the first time of my trip. I called may and I was walking on the street I saw four goon looking men, it scared the hell out of me, I mean what would you do in a scenario where its very dark, no one will hear you if you scream, 4 ugly men on your way and your all by yourself, good thing may and co. arrived at right time, they saved my ass whew.
Finally party time, damn I was starving in the bus so I made sure that I'll make up for it. after the eating dinner, I took a bath and we decided to watch Bb. Pilipinas. because I was too tired I feel asleep while watching it.
the next day we decided to go out and explore, because of tight budget our money only brought us to picnic groove had a good look of taal volcano and took some really nice pictures. I bought welcome gifts for my family since they caught me lying about my trip, I lied that we had a car haha.. anyways the buko pie was delicious. back at the house we played cards I Lost a couple of times haha.., we decided that it's time to go home, bus ride again then Lrt. then back in my family's arms

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