Thursday, March 26, 2009

I’ve made it!! I’m IN

After two long years of sacrifice, hardships, sleepless nights and a whole lot more, I’ve finally made it to the institute of Nursing. I’m a rightful nursing student. How did it all happen? Simple First, I enrolled myself in a AHSE course program, after that I took my battery examinations which by the way I passed with flying colors, having the grade of 99+, can you imagine? Then after that, we were required for an interview, for them to learn our real intentions and what we really have in my mind regarding nursing, until finally, waited long till they make public the results. Results came out Monday, my friend Raissa called as regards to the outcome, “alam mo na?, nandun pangalan mo”, I said “ok ah..” well as expected, I already now from the start I’ll make it, joking!!
Tuesday (the magical day..for some )
6:00 am, I opened my eyes for about a minute, saw the clock’s hand in 6 and 12 in other words 6 pa lang. so I decided to set off back to bed, when I woke it’s already 9:00, I realized I have to go to school to get my report card, I scrambled and then gather my essential stuffs then went straight to school, good thing I managed to brush my teeth, fix my hair, wash my face and wore my uniform in less than 15 minutes. I arrive at school around 10: 05 am, went straight to NB 605 to get my report card. I saw my grades, it’s 2.01, quite high than last semester, went down stairs to check my name, confirmed!, there it was #1307 MONTERUBIO, EUFROSINA JOY G., I grinned then went down stairs to meet my friends in pavilion one. I saw Faye, Raissa, Gly, and Gab chatting, I joined along. They were talking about Kuya, and about what happened to our friends. I sat there too. We stayed hours for others while waiting, my fanatical friends decided to play ‘HEP HEP HOORAY’, I joined and lost, well, who cares, no one won anyways. They also put their fancy contact lenses on while I watched in the corner, fascinated with what they’re doing for a minute they almost made me buy a pair also.
Until our wait finally came to an end, we decided to eat at Bro’s, our favorite sisig house located at Lerma. I had 2 cups of rice, and ate two sticks of grilled cumulated pig blood. We we’re full after that so we decided to smoke a stick for fast digestion. I told my friends that I have a good horror flick with me and asked them if they want to watch it at the apartment today, they said yes right away. Before the movie started, Marben walked away for an unknown reason. He missed a lot. The title of the movie is alone, a story about twin sisters. The evil one killed the nice one and now the nice one is after the evil one. We gave it a good scream. I can probably tell that movie scared the hell out of ‘em. As what it did to me. We would’ve enjoyed it better if only the dvd was playing smoothly, we have to wipe it every now and then while watching it. After the movie, we smoke some more and more. we also listed to what ever Raissa had to say. Poor Rai.
While on my way home, I decided to buy lychee flavored slurpee at 7 eleven while riding the bus. As expected it never fails to tickle my taste buds, looks like there will be a third time.  Every sip taste so sweet I made sure that my tongue will savor the flavor. It’s so cold that my tongue succumbs to paralysis every time I took a nip, a good paralysis though. Till I arrive home, ate dinner, took a bath, and made this blog. Another day well spent again along side my ecomowds.

Friday, March 20, 2009

preparing for faux class

My cousins kenneth, Kyute and I decided to make some videos before we got to school check me out on my school uniform, watch the video for some =P

I also took some pictures of my cousin doing her laundry..what yah think? can i be a photog smoeday?

Swimming with ecomowds- best birthday celebration!!

Last march 17,2009 my friends planned to go swimming. we went to a stunning resort in Antipolo, Rizal. we wanted to do that because, mainly to celebrate my birthday and at the same time it'll be our last time to be together at time like this. just going there was already an adventure we have to ride a fx, took some cute pics together then a tricycle. eh sobrang taas nung daan grabe ung usok nung tambutcho kawawa si mother earth, then we arrived, we payed our entrance, the most painful part of the trip, and at the same time ordered at jollibee.
we changed to our two piece and trunks just as we finished, food arrived. we devoured every bite of our meal. after that had a good smoke then did some modeling, took some pictures before that, then went to swim and they sung happy birthday for me, the water was so cold we couldn't stand it we swam about less than 30 mins. we did slide down on the slides, it was lot of fun.

then went on to take some more and more pictures after that proceeded on our drinking session which knocked me out of my feet.. haha I got drunk ever for the first time, so intoxicated I vomitted, I really found it funny,my face was all red I couldn't walk properly anymore, I was talking in english, cursing here and there, smoking like there's no tomorrow, mind you, i'm not a smoker, we smoke just for fun and this was not the first time. i was so happy. what an experience. the last thing I can remember was that Faye was crying and we were comforting her. the next thing I know, I was asleep, out like a light. I woke up once because brun was so noisy she said she has been jogging and she was panting heavily it woke me up, but I went to sleep again, second time I woke up, the effect of alcohol went down my system and I start to feel cold, pull out and wore my jacket and I'm already starting to realize I'm sleeping with my wet shorts and undies on, take note I didn't pee alright it is that we swam so were soaking wet. and also I noticed that I'm sleeping on a concrete , imagine how cold and hard would that be. and then I couldn't go to sleep any more because of those external factors. I decided to take a swim, I slide down the pool and landed on the freezing water, I thought I will die.
my friends and I had concert on the pool, imitated wowowee, it was lot of fun. the fun was cut short because the staff said that it's closing time. we went up and took more pictures and then decided to wash up after that. I wash down all those booze in my system down..the best shower I ever had haha.. after that took some videos of my guy friends in their undies haha,, then went home. during our ride home our train stopped for about 20 mins. we shared more jokes and laughter together then. seperated ways. but for just a while. I miss 'em all

community service in poblacion, batanggas the a18 way

for now I miss waking up so early in the morning every tuesday because every tuesday is our community service. in FEU tounge it means community diagnosing or you need to find out diseases your adopted community has or having. whatever. but for me every tuesday means another sacrifice of sleep lol, but anyways I did enjoy our batanggas week. We have a call time of 7:00, i wake up around 5 any later than that I'm doomed in other words, I'm late. I woke up late twice the first one almost didn't make it I pain 150 for the taxi that broke my heart even more haha..but that day was worth it as I got to talk to my_____ lol. the second time, I regret that I rode on a taxi, still paid 150 not worth it because I wasn't late at all.
every group of two is designated with a foster family. Marben, may partner and I was assigned to a less fortunate but kind hearted, unselfish family. the mother has diabetes and jobless, what are the odds right?, her daughter is graduating in high school, it shouldn't be a problem right?, but because of money problems, they're not sure if she'll be able to take her diploma with her. in our world, no diploma no possible job opportunities. anyways, our spend time with them was worth while. they always make us feel welcomed and loved, on our last day they even cried.
I remember the time when we have nothing to do, instead we made music videos, ate halo- halo, hide and sleep- my favorite
there are so many precious and funny moments together like when we eat bare hands for a couple times, the most memorable was when some of our friends namely brun, gerard, mica, andrea lambino, glyness, gab, ate along with us, we shared baon and i was full, the best tlga..
I remember every tuesday I end up arguing with marben haha..

those days were truly unforgettable =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tagaytay love shack

my friends and I decided to go to Tagaytay for our birthday celebration and we did, since I still have classes they couldn't wait for me anymore so they went there first- May and her boyfriend Fred, Bernice and Richmond. I took my bioethics exam and went straight to tagaytay after that. and since they went there first, I don't have any companion with me on my trip to Batangas, all alone huhu..but it's ok. I took the bus ride around 5pm which is a rush hour time so everything seems to be slow. the bus ride that is supposed to an hour and half became two then 3 then 4 whew.. I thought I was gonna die because it was so cold in there the temp. is hitting 17 degrees in a bus?, anyways good thing I'm at directions.. and finally I arrived at olivarez as they call it, the driver dropped me at the very stop where they are. It was so dark at I did get scared for the first time of my trip. I called may and I was walking on the street I saw four goon looking men, it scared the hell out of me, I mean what would you do in a scenario where its very dark, no one will hear you if you scream, 4 ugly men on your way and your all by yourself, good thing may and co. arrived at right time, they saved my ass whew.
Finally party time, damn I was starving in the bus so I made sure that I'll make up for it. after the eating dinner, I took a bath and we decided to watch Bb. Pilipinas. because I was too tired I feel asleep while watching it.
the next day we decided to go out and explore, because of tight budget our money only brought us to picnic groove had a good look of taal volcano and took some really nice pictures. I bought welcome gifts for my family since they caught me lying about my trip, I lied that we had a car haha.. anyways the buko pie was delicious. back at the house we played cards I Lost a couple of times haha.., we decided that it's time to go home, bus ride again then Lrt. then back in my family's arms

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

another day another lie..

woke up around 11 am haha...what's up with that.. a lot of things ahead..hope it'll turn out so well..

its my b-day!!

March 15

well, its march 17 today but who cares I it's just two day ago so what..haha,

on my actual birthday, I was not feeling it really, everything seems so wrong. at the eve of my birthday my cousins and I decided to go clubbin' and party all night, the club we went in to sucks- bad music, ugly place, ugly people..well that's the only place we could go in to bec. of our budget but anyways, I hope my cousins had fun because that's all that matters.

few days before my birthday, my friends were bugging me on how and where are we gonna celebrate my 19th birthday (yes I'm 19, last year of my teenage years huhu..), I asked my mom about it and all I heard was that she alot of things to think of and bills to pay so in other word a very dry birthday for me.

i woke up late around 10 I think after, I was excited to check my phone and friedster and facebook accounts for some birthday greetings, there are few special persons greeted me that's great just perked up my day. with nothing else to do I decided to watch Mamma Mia! on Dvd and received a phone call from my cousin camille greeting me a happy birthday. my cousin jason arrived with ice cream so that was great bec. now I know we have something to eat haha..And then engaged my self in an arguement with my brother as always. that afternoon we went to church, and thanked god for giving me another year to live. and for the bleesings he has given me. it made me teary eyed. after the mass I asked my mom if she could buy me some cake she did..that made me happy haha..

that evening, well I can say everything was going on the way I wanted it thank God.